• Side A:
  • Intro
  • Punk Rock Girls
  • Fuck The World
  • Born To Do Dishes
  • Slug
  • Get A Life And Live It Loser
  • See Ya Later Fuckface
  • Like A Parasite
  • I Was A Teenage Bone Head
  • Hi Mom It's Me
  • Side B:
  • Granola Head
  • I Only Drink Bud
  • My Old Man's A Fatso
  • No Tit
  • I Hate Everything
  • Kicked Out Of The Webelos
  • Debra Jean
  • All Screwed Up
  • I Live This Life
  • Monster Zero
  • I Mer Her At The Rat
  • This Place Sucks
  • Pressing History:
  • Universal Warning, 1/25/2011, UWR-027
    (100 clear vinyl with pink and blue splatter and 400 white vinyl with pink and blue haze splatter)

I've compiled the following information on my own. If you notice anything wrong, please contact me.

Live In Philly 06': This record was released on Universal Warning Records with a photo insert numbered out of 500 (test pressing - signed pressing - regular pressing). The first 100 inserts were signed by Joe Queer, and the records came on clear vinyl with pink and blue splatter.  The other 400 records were on white vinyl with pink and blue haze splatter. The recording is from the North Star Bar in Philadelphia in October of 2006.

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