• Side A:
  • Night Of The Livid Queers
  • Kicked Out Of The Webelos
  • I Met Her At The Rat
  • Good-bye California
  • Granola Head
  • I Was A High School Psycopath - Part II
  • Feeling Groovy
  • Ben Weasel
  • Hi Mom - It's Me!!
  • Blabbermouth
  • Nothing To Do
  • I Was A Teenage Bonehead
  • Ursula Finally Has Tits
  • Side B:
  • Your Tripping
  • This Place Sucks
  • I Have Everything
  • Tula Is A Wimp
  • Creton Hop
  • I Can't Stop Farting
  • Debra Jean
  • Love Me (bonus 7" only)
  • Louie Louie (bonus 7" only)
  • Pressing History:
  • Selfless, 1994, SFLS-28, limited to 666
    (Bonus 7": Selfless, 1994, SFLS-27, limited to 300)

Todd Greene (Selfless/Clearview Records) and Steve Daniels (Blood Sugar Productions) provided the following information.


Shout At The Queers: This LP is a "fake" live LP, which included the Love Me/Louie Louie bonus 7" with the first 300 copies in 1994. This record was only available through Skull Duggery's mailorder and was pressed in a limited run of 666 copies. The record sleeve claims it's a show where the Queers opened for Slayer, but it's really just a live studio recording from the Jam Room in South Carolina. About 20-30 kids watched the set, but the crowd noise between tracks is actually from Decade Of Aggression, a real live record by Slayer. Steve Daniels recalls that someone made up a quick flyer either the day of or the day before announcing that the Queers were recording and needed people as the live audience. The show was free, and most of those in attendance sat Indian-style on the studio floor right in front of the band as they blazed through the set with virtually no breaks. During a quick breather, Steve Daniels yelled out a request for them to play "Love Me" as a joke. Joe asked who in the audience knew the lyrics. All of his friends volunteered Steve, and another one of his friends went up for support. Steve got Joe's mic, and his buddy got B-face's. Unfortunately his friend's mic was turned almost completely down. You can hear him faintly, but it's too low in the mix. Steve ad-libbed the "make you squeal like a pig" line and a few other little bits. You can hear the version from the 7" on the mp3s page.

Here are a few pictures of the bonus 7".

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