• The Fleshtones - Destination Greenpoint
  • The Kung Fu Monkeys - I Dig The Way That You Move
  • Gitogito Hustler - Muscle Body Ecstasy
  • Electric Eel Shock - Rock 'N' Roll Can Rescue The World
  • Sport Doen - Fat Boys
  • The Koffin Kats - Mors Ex Infernos
  • The 20 Belows - Message
  • The Ducky Boys - Boston USA
  • Stiff Little Fingers - At The Edge
  • The Bouncing Souls - No Rules
  • The Peacocks - How Do You Know?
  • The Koffin Kats - V8 Nightmare
  • The Queers - Punk Rock Girls
  • The Queers - Live This Life
  • Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device
  • Electric Eel Shock - Japanese Meets Chinese In USA
  • The Queers - Daydreaming
  • Pressing History:
  • 7/28/2008

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Never Mind Aerobics Here's Punk Rope: This release is a CD/DVD. The DVD contains an approximately 30 minute workout using jump ropes. Songs by punk bands from around the world are featured during the workouts, and a compilation CD containing all of the tracks is also included with the DVD. Click here for a scan of the full DVD artwork. For more information on Punk Rope click here.

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