• Side A:
  • Squid Omelet
  • Junk Freak
  • Love Love Love
  • Boobarella
  • I Met Her At The Rat
  • I'll Be True To You
  • Side B:
  • Goodbye California
  • Rambo Rat
  • Gay Boy
  • Burger King Queen
  • I Don't Wanna Get Involved
  • Strip Search
  • Pressing History:
  • Shakin' Street, 1990, #Yeah Hup 010
  • Shakin' Street US, 1990, #9012X11, limited to 160
  • Lookout, 5/16/1994, LK-090
  • Asian Man, 4/10/2007, ASM-144

I've compiled the following information on my own. If you notice anything wrong, please contact me. Sean Rowley provided the information here on the recording of the original version.

Grow Up: The original pressing of the first Queers LP was done by the UK label Shakin' Street. An unknown number of copies were pressed before the label went under. I've heard from someone who used to work at the label that 975 were pressed, but I'm not absolutely certain about that number. The LP was issued with a sleeve, and the records have yellow labels with red lettering. It was released in 1990 and has #Yeah Hup 010 as its matrix number. Joe and Hugh had recorded six of the tracks with session players before Sean Rowley joined up on rhythm guitar. The band practiced the rest of the songs as a three-piece until Greg Urbatis joined to play bass on the recording.
The Queers decided to press more records in the US and used the same label name. Joe Queer claims that no more than 160 of the "promo" copies exist. They never paid the pressing plant so that's all they got. They were issued with a xeroxed insert instead of a sleeve, and the records have yellow labels with black lettering. It was also released in 1990 and has #9012X11 as its matrix number.
Lookout Records later reissued a remixed version of the record with slightly different artwork, a lyric sheet insert, and a different track listing, in 1994. The reissue was also available as a CD or cassette. I believe Ben Weasel and Joey Vindictive did the remixing. Also shown is a copy of the Lookout Records test pressing with insert.
This record was later remixed, remastered, and reissued, on Asian Man Records in 2007 with different artwork. The images below are of the CD booklets from both the Lookout and Asian Man versions. The reissue lists the tracks in yet another order and also contains a few bonus tracks.
Asian Man Records pressed the reissue on vinyl in 2011. The images below are of the test pressing (Certificate of Authenticity), a copy on gold vinyl (limited to 100 copies available exclusively through Interpunk), and a copy on black vinyl.
A scan of the cassette version is shown below.

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