• Side A:
  • Tamara Is A Punk
  • Everything's O.K.
  • I Didn't Puke
  • Mrs. Brown You've Got An Ugly Daughter
  • The Sun Always Shines Around You
  • Rancid Motherfucker
  • Punk Rock Confidential
  • Today I Fell In Love
  • Side B:
  • Pretty Flamingo
  • Motherfucker
  • Like A Parasite
  • Idiot Savant
  • I Enjoy Being A Boy
  • Don't Mess It Up
  • Sayonara Sucker
  • Pressing History:
  • Hopeless, 10/6/1998, HR-636

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Punk Rock Confidential: The band's first full-length relelease on Hopeless Records was issued with a double-sided lyric sheet insert. This release was also available as a CD or cassette. Pictures of the test pressing are also shown below.
A scan of the CD booklet is shown below.
A scan of the cassette version is shown below.

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