• Side A:
  • Mr. T Experience - God Bless America
  • Youth Gone Mad - Uncle S&M
  • Gargoyles w/ Neil Smith - Whirlwind
  • Side B:
  • Pink Lincolns - S&M Party
  • Screeching Weasel - In The Hospital
  • The Queers - I Live This Life
  • Pressing History:
  • Flush, 3/1992, FPV-003, 1,000 pressed

I've compiled the following information on my own. If you notice anything wrong, please contact me.

Blame And Burn 7": This release is a 6 track compilation issued with a picture sleeve and three inserts: one yellow, one orange, and one pink. Oddly enough, the Queers are the only band out of the six that do not appear on any of the three inserts. My copy, at least, is on grey swirl vinyl, as are two others I have heard of.

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