• Side A:
  • We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin
  • Terminal Rut
  • Fagtown
  • I Want It Now
  • Trash This Place

  • Side B:
  • Love Me
  • Side C:
  • Kicked Out Of The Webelos
  • Tulu Is A Wimp
  • At The Mall
  • I Spent The Rent

  • Side D:
  • Don't Wanna Work
  • I'm Useless
  • This Place Sucks
  • Pressing History:
  • Doheny, 1992, #U33568M Q1/Q2, limited to 500
  • Selfless, 1993, SFLS-21, 1,500 pressed

I've compiled the following information on my own. If you notice anything wrong, please contact me. Todd Greene (Selfless/Clearview Records) provided the information for the Selfless Records reissue.

A Proud Tradition 2x7": This 2x7" was released in 1992 as a reissue of the first two 7"s. 500 copies were pressed with #U33568M as the matrix number. There was a picture sleeve and each set included a pink insert. I've also included a picture of the back of the sleeve for the test pressing.
A year later in 1993 this set was reissued by Selfless Records. 1,500 were pressed and came in the same picture sleeve, with the contact information on the back changed, and a blue insert. I've also noticed in the multiple copies that I have that some seem to have a box around SFLS-21 on the back and some do not.

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