• Squid Omelet
  • We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin
  • This Place Sucks
  • Tulu Is A Wimp
  • I Want It Now
  • Monster Zero
  • (Fuck Up)
  • Noodle Brain
  • Granola Head
  • Hi Mom - It's Me!!!
  • Teenage Bonehead
  • (Beer Break)
  • I Spent The Rent
  • Nothing To Do
  • My Old Man's A Fatso
  • Fuck You
  • Fuck The World
  • I Hate Everything
  • Ursula Finally Has Tits
  • You're Tripping
  • Pressing History:
  • Clearview, 1995, CRVW-37
    (see below for the many different variations)

Todd Greene (Selfless/Clearview Records) provided the following information.

Suck This: This is a live recording from the Jam Room in South Carolina on a one sided picture disc. About 15 people were in attendance. The tracks were mixed by Jason from Just Add Water Records. It was later released on CD. This LP has a number of different variations. First, here are a few images of the test pressing. Note that the B side of the record is smooth vinyl.
The first pressing of 2,500 in 1995 had solid black ink on the B side with green fluorescent backing paper. Also shown is a copy where the ink is "double-printed" on the right side of the LP.
There was also a limited run of 100 orange swirl records pressed for Halloween with black ink.
The second pressing of 1,500 was supposed to be all black ink, but Todd's friend used an array of colors. These are the colors that I own, but I've also heard there are red and green ones, as well.
The last pressing of 1,000 was issued with a stock card sleeve and had the picture etched on the B side. 300 were pressed on purple vinyl, and 700 were pressed on black vinyl.
5,000 CDs were made with pink trays.
Steve Daniels has posted video footage of the recording on YouTube.com.

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