The Queers previous lineups:
NOTE - All lineups have been copied from the insert issued with each release.

1982 - Love Me 7"
Joe King - guitar and vocals
Tulu - bass
Wimpy - drums
(vocals on "Love Me" by William H. MacLaren, Sr.)

1984 - Webelos 7"
Wimpy - vocals
Joe King - guitar, back vocals
Keith Hayes - bass
Tulu - drums
(Backing Vocals: Fagtown Boys Choir under the direction of Bruce Pingree)

1990 - Grow Up
Joe King "Queer" - lead vocals, guitar
"Huge" Hugh O'Neill - drums, vocals
"Young" Sean Rowley - guitar
Greg Urbatis - bass
(with the following session players: J.J. Rassler - guitar, vocals; Kevin Kecy - bass, vocals; Magoo Pirhana - bass; and Jeebs Pirhana - drums)

1991 - Live At Some Prick's House (Split 7" with Pink Lincolns)
Joe Queer - guitar, lead vocals
B-Face - bass, back vocals
Hugh - drums

1993 - Love Songs For The Retarded
Joe Queer - lead vocals, guitar
B-Face - bass, backing vocals
Hugh O'Neill - drums, backing vocals

1993 - Too Dumb To Quit 7"
Joe King - guitar & vocals
B-Face - bass & vocals
Hugh O'Neill - drums & vocals
Wimpy - guest vocalist
(this same lineup appears on the Look Ma No Flannel 7" released in 1995)

8/1993 - 11/1993 - Shout At The Queers, Rocket To Russia, and Punk USA
Joe- 6 string / voice
B-Face - 4 string / voice
Jay - sticks

1994 - Beat Off and Suck This
Joe - guitar and vocals
B-Face - bass and vocals
Vapid - guitar and vocals
Danny Panic - drums

1995 - Surf Goddess 7"/CDEP
Joe - guitar & vocals
B-Face - bass & vocals
Hugh - drums & vocals
(with Vapid - guitar)

1995 - Move Back Home
Joe King - guitar and lead vocals
B-Face - bass and vocals
Hugh O'Neill - drums and vocals

1995 - Love Ain't Punk (Split 7" with Sinkhole)
Joe - guitar, vocals
B-Face - bass
Hugh - drums

1996 - Bubblegum Dreams 7" and Don't Back Down
Joe King - guitar and vocals
B-Face - bass and vocals
Hugh O'Neill - drums
(with J.J. Rassler - guitar and vocals and Lisa Marr - backup and lead vocals on "I Can't Get Over You")

1998 - Everything's O.K. 7"/CDEP
Joe Queer - guitar, vocals
Geoff Useless - bass, vocals
Rick Respectable - drums, vocals

1998 - Punk Rock Confidential
Joe Queer - guitar, vocals
Dangerous Dave - guitar, vocals
Chris Cougar Concentration Camp - bass, vocals
Steve Stress - drums
(with Lisa Marr - vocals, arranging and production; Jeff Useless - bass guitar, and Gretchen Smear - keyboards and vocals)
NOTE - This lineup is listed on the record insert; however, Chris says he played drums and Geoff Useless played bass. Steve and Dave didn't play much on the recording.

2000 - Beyond The Valley Of The Assfuckers
Joe Queer - guitar and vocals
Dave - bass
Lurch Nobody - drums and vocals
(with Joe Brian - guitar solos on "Oi Boy" and "Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo)" and Wimpy - vocals on "I Just Called To Say Fuck You" and "Stupid Fucking Vegan")

2001 - Today CDEP
Joe - guitar
Dave - guitar
A-1 - bass
Lurch - drums

2002 - Pleasant Screams
Joe Queer - guitar and vocals
Dangerous Dave - bass, keyboards, vocals
Matt Drastic - drums
(with Gretchen Smear - lead vocal on "You Just Gotta Blow My Mind," Phillip Hill - guitar and vocals on a bunch of stuff, and Dan Lumley - drums on "Molly Neuman")

2003 - Acid Beaters (Split CD with the Manges)
Joe Queer
JJ Rassler
Dangerous Dave
Dusty Watson

2004 - Split Disc From Japan & USA and Summer Hits No. 1
Joe Queer - lead vocals, guitar
Phillip Hill - bass, vocals
Dusty Watson - drums, vocals

2005 - Weekend At Bernie's
Joe Queer - guitar, vocals
Phillip Hill - bass, vocals
Dave Trevino - drums, vocals
(with special guests Wimpy - lead vocals, Evil Presley (Rockaway Beach), and Don B - (Batman))

2007 - Munki Brain
Joe Queer - guitar, lead vocals
Phillip Hill - bass, vocals
Lurch Nobody - drums, idiocy
(special guests: Lisa Marr - vocals, Mikey Last - guitar, vocals, keyboards, vocals, Bice from Even In Blackouts - drums on "Brian Wilson," Dan Lumley - drums on "I Think She's Starting To Like Me," Blackie from The Hard Ons - lead guitar on "Whatever Happened To Philthy Phil," and Rick from Southern Culture On The Skids - lead guitar on "Duke Kahanamoku")

2007 - Alive In Hollyweird
Joe Queer - guitar and lead vocals
Matt Drastic - drums and vocals
Dangerous Dave - bass and vocals

2010 - Back To The Basement
Joe Queer - guitar, vox
Dangerous Dave - bass, vox
Hog Log - drums
(special guest stars: Danny - guitar, vox, Thomas - bass, vox; Hog Log, Danny, and Thomas appear courtesy of Teenage Rehab)

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