• Side A:
  • Rollerdog
  • Back To The Basement
  • Titfuck
  • Outta My Skull
  • Pull Me Out Of It
  • Psychedelic Mindfuck
  • Side B:
  • I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp
  • I'm Pissed
  • Don't Touch My Hat
  • Fucked In The Head
  • Everyday Girl
  • Keep It Punk
  • Pressing History:
  • Asian Man, 11/16/2010, ASM-210

I've compiled the following information on my own. If you notice anything wrong, please contact me.

Back To The Basement: This record was released on Asian Man Records with a double-sided lyric sheet insert. The first pressing was on five colors:  black, green (both exclusive to Asian Man Records), white (exclusive to Interpunk), gold (exclusive to Shop Radio Cast), and blue (exclusive to Hot Topic).  Also shown are pictures of the acetate (Certificate of Authenticity) and the test pressing (Certificate of Authenticity).
There was also a CD version.


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